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Extremophiles and Astrobiology
Evolution and Adaptation to Extreme Conditions
Deep-Subsurface Microbes-Piezophiles

System Biology of Extremophiles
Genomics, Metagenomics, Proteomics and Culturomics for Extremophiles
Extreme Symbioses, Deep-Sea Animal Host-Microbe Associations
Microbe-Microbe Associations in Terrestrial Hot Springs
Microbial Diversity, Communities and Ecology in Extreme Environments

Physiology of Extremophiles
Microbial Immunity, Defense, CRISPR, Anti-CRISPR and Microbe-Virus Interactions
Chromosome Maintenance and Cell Cycle
Membranes and Transporters at Extreme Conditions
Transcription and its Regulation
Metabolism and its Regulation

Extremophiles and Biotechnology
Extremozymes and their Applications
Molecular Genetics Systems for Extremophiles and their Applications
Novel and Sustainable Resources from Marine Extremophiles
Current Uses and Prospects (Energy, Food, Environment, Health, etc)

Extremophiles and Sustainable Future
Extremophiles for Sustainable Biorefineries
Extremophiles in Circular Bioeconomy

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